About Brad Hartz

Attention to detail has always been one of my qualities. My past life experiences truly prepared me for a career in real estate. After graduating from Tufts University, I packed my car and drove to Florida to pursue professional golf. I practically live on the practice range. And when I wasn’t there, I was at the practice green. My friends called me “The Mechanic” because of my technically sound golf swing. I was the first around to start videoing my golf swing, always paying close attention to the details. While I didn’t achieve the lofty goals I had in golf, I still reap the benefits the thousands of hours I spent practicing when I play now. Those who play golf, understand the dedication, persistence and attention to detail needed to shoot in the 60’s ~ and it is that level of focus I also bring to my real estate business.

Following my golf career, I began chasing my dreams of fame and fortune in the entertainment business. Again, it was a uniquely demanding field I chose with an emphasis on attention to detail, focus, creativity and nerves ~ working as a radio disc jockey. At the time I was on the air, there was quite a bit of engineering required while also creating content on the fly, promoting the station and entertaining the listeners. It was just me, the microphone, cds and the soundboard. No writers, producers or technical assistants ~ and I loved it. All the way to the capital of the entertainment industry, Hollywood! I became an entertainer, marketing specialist, promoter and live event host – while also hosting my own nightly radio show for 5 hours a night. On stage in front of 12,000 people or on the air with 200,000+ listeners tuning in, I was in my element – essentially selling. Selling the music, entertainment, the station, a product or an event… preparing all along to sell real estate.

Now, my familiarity with the local single-family and condominium inventories contributes towards my annual success, regardless of the current market conditions. Whatever the desired move, my background will enable buyers and sellers to make informed decisions.

I still love golf, and can still be heard on the radio as a voice talent (one of my favorite hobbies), but my passion lies in real estate. Negotiating the finest details, promoting my listings and educating buyers ~ that’s where my attention to detail now shines.

It would be a pleasure to speak with you regarding your real estate needs. I know that “par for the course” isn’t good enough when it comes to your biggest possession, your home.

interests include spending time with his wife and two children at home in Wellesley, volunteering as a mentor for job seekers, and following the Patriots. His hobbies include competing in statewide and national golf tournaments as a 2 handicap, exercising, poker and sports cars.

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