What to do when your Massachusetts property listing contract has expired

Unfortunately, not all properties sell during the first listing contract with a broker. Here are some thoughts about what to do after your properties has expired, and is no longer listed and being actively marketed.

New Needham house for sale! 8-28-12

This one has it all!

July Existing Home Sales Statistics:

Existing home sales report for July were released today. Regionally sales in the Northeast and the Midwest were up, and in the West and the South they were down. Sales increased by 2.7% to a rate of 750,000 units, a 19% increase from last year while the Midwest increased by 1%, to a pace of 1.05 million, 31.1% higher than July 2010.
The South existing home sales declined by 1.6% to a rate of 1.84 million in July but remain 19.5% above sales in July 2010. Sales in the West are down 12.6% to an annual pace of 1.04 million in July, which is 6.9% higher than a year ago.

The median sales price for all existing home was $174,000, down 4.4% from last year. Approximately 29% of all sales in July were of distressed homes either from foreclosure sales, real estate owned by lenders, or short sales compared to 30% from last month and 32% from a year earlier.

First time buyers were responsible for 32% of sales, up 1% point since June with repeat buyers accounting for 50%, and 18% for investment properties.